We are a married couple who after putting children through college and checking all the blocks in 40+ year careers …. decided that a simpler and less stressful lifestyle was important to us. It was time for us to make a change.

We wanted a Lifestyle where we could live:  


  • In a scenic natural setting.  
  • In a caring close-knit community.
  • Debt free. 
  • Where expectation of a “quality of life” exists similar to our own.
  • In a well-built home where every room is used and purposeful.
  • Safely in a private wooded area that is located conveniently to small and large city amenities.      
  • Having time to enjoy our existing personal and business relationships as well as make new ones.
  • Healthy and happy working on efforts that have an inspired purpose.

We knew that creating a lifestyle that satisfied the list above was a tall order… but with time,  dollars, hard work,  great relationships and more fun than we ever expected  ….  Vintage Grace LLC has become the place where we live our desired lifestyle.  

If you are looking to live or experience this lifestyle in any shape or form… come visit us.  We would really like to meet you, tell you more about Vintage Grace and make a new friend at the same time.

Hope to see you soon!

Jim and Kathie

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