More Questions?

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Can owners live year around at Vintage Grace?
Year round living is welcome and encouraged at Vintage Grace. 

What is the minimum purchase price for a Park Home placed within Vintage Grace?

Minimum purchase price is $55,000.00 before sales tax, skirting, and final set up.    

Do you buy a Park Home from Vintage Grace?

Vintage Grace does not sell Park Homes.  We  recommend Platinum Cottage and Elite Cottages Park Model Homes.  Beautiful Park Homes can be purchased  from Recreational Resort Cottages located in Rockwall, Texas. 972-771-2176 or Recreation Resort Cottages in Athens, TX 903-292-5172

Do you buy or lease a pad site at Vintage Grace?

Pad sites are for lease only.

Are Utilities included in the lease payment?

Yes and No.  Water and electricity are billed directly to resident based on their actual consumption.  Water is charged at the City of Yantis Rates. Full-time residents generally pay less than $20 a month for water. Electricity generally runs less than $ 50  a month on average.  Trash and Recycling Mgt is $ 10 per month. Sewer Services are included in the monthly lease fee.   No other recurring fees are charged.  Vintage Grace does not profit from utilities. 

Who are the utility providers?

City of Yantis water and sewer

Oncor Electricity

Peoples Communications (Phone and Internet).

Dish or Direct TV

Can I park a Boat on site?   Can I park a RV on site? 

Yes, you can park a boat on site at specified location.   No, an RV can not be parked on site. There are several local businesses near-by that lease parking and storage spaces for all types of RVs. 

Can I use an off-road vehicle at Vintage Grace?

Only Electric golf carts are permitted.

Can I add a storage and/or a carport structure to my pad site?

Yes.  Exterior appearance of structures are required to match Park Home exterior.  

Can I put a Deck on the Home site?
Yes.  Decks can be placed on Home Site.

Are there exterior design requirements for the Park model?

Yes.  Please inquire about  Vintage Grace approved exterior materials and colors. Metal roofs are required.

Is there a Home Owners Association?

No HOA. Vintage Grace Rules and Regulations govern our community.


Who is responsible for general landscaping and yard maintenance of Home Site?

Resident is responsible for landscaping and yard maintenance of their Home Site.  Vintage Grace is responsible for maintenance of all other areas of Vintage Grace.  Vintage Grace does offer maintenance services to residents for a service fee.

Are pets allowed?   Does Vintage Grace have a Dog Park?

We allow and love well behaved indoor living pets.  Owners are required to be with their Pets while outside.   Physical fences are not permitted on Home Sites.   Invisible underground fences permitted. 

Do park model home owners pay property tax on park home?

No. However, should you build a structure (such as a carport) in which the county deems a permanent fixture, park home owners will be liable for the property tax on it.