Resident Sectional Garden Areas

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Community Center


As the Vintage Grace Community grows,  we will continue to provide our  residents with amenities and services*  that meet their specific needs.

Four Beautiful Ponds are located throughout Vintage Grace providing scenic water views and fishing opportunities for all residents.

The Vintage Grace Community Center is serving the community hosting our special holiday events, pot-luck dinners and other events that require a larger area to accommodate a larger number of participants. It includes amenities such as:

  • A full-size Kitchen and large Party Dinning Area
  • Warm and inviting space that will seat 40 comfortably.
  • Beautiful Kitchen Appliances and Quartz Counter Tops
  • Spacious Bathroom 

The Vintage Grace Community Center Generator is now installed to ensure that we will always have a place that our residents can go to stay warm and safe if we every lose electricity again like we did during February 2021 Winter Storm. 


​The Vintage Grace Patio Building is serving the community hosting smaller daily and weekly events such as Concert Night, Movie Night, Card Games, Group Yoga Stretching, and Resident sponsored events like Birthday Parties, Wine Tasting, Corn Hole, and Ice Cream Social Events, just to name a few.  It is also a great place that residents can exercise use the existing exercise equipment.

Vintage Grace supports Resident Sectional Gardening Areas.  These garden areas will enable those that love to garden an opportunity to do so.  Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Flowers, Spices are just a few of the items that are grown here at Vintage.

The Vintage Grace Pet Park is a new amenity that was requested by the Community.  This area will allow our "fur-babies" to run freely and play with other dogs in the community.  Resident can socialize with other while their pets are enjoying the opportunity to play and run without being on a leash. 

Three Tornado Shelters available to support the entire planned community.

Friends and Family Park Model Home is available to our residents' friends and family members to have a place to stay over-night will visiting.  

Scenic Areas for Walking and 4 Beautiful Ponds provide residents a means of experiencing natural wildlife, strolling throughout the community and visiting their neighbors.

Trees and more Trees ….  continue to be planted to provide beautiful spring and fall foliage throughout the community …  We love Trees!  

​​We welcome advice from our residents and others for improvements and preferred services. Many of our current resident’s suggestions have been incorporated into the Vintage Grace Rules and Regulations and into our Amenities and Services Plan.

Our Mission is to ensure our residents enjoy living in a naturally scenic and private community with the services and amenities that exhibit the ​“Quality of a Past Time”.    

The Patio Building

Three Storm Shelters