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Office and Store 

​​We welcome advice from our residents and others for improvements and preferred services. Many of our current resident’s suggestions have been incorporated into the Vintage Grace Rules and Regulations and into our Amenities and Services Plan.

Our Mission is to ensure our residents enjoy living in a naturally scenic and private community with the services and amenities that exhibit the 

“Quality of a Past Time”.    

Three Storm Shelters

Community Garden and  Greenhouse

Community Center

Phase 2:  Interior Design and Finish out in Work. 


As the Vintage Grace Community grows,  we will continue to provide our  residents with amenities and services*  that meet their specific needs.

The Vintage Grace Community Store provides residents with convenient access to fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy, and other preferred products.

The Vintage Grace Community Center is currently being built  and includes amenities such as:

  • A full size Kitchen and large Party Dinning Area
  • A full size Laundry Room
  • Two private Bedrooms available for residents to reserve for visiting guests.
  • 1,500 square feet on the inside... Minimally seats 40.
  • Large covered Patio for outside parties, barbeques, and community gatherings.

The Vintage Grace Community Garden, Greenhouse, and Fruit Trees  will produce fresh fruit and vegetables using hydroponics, aquaponics and traditional methods of gardening for the community.

Three Tornado Shelters to support the entire planned community.

The Vintage Grace Fishing Dock will be available on the large lake for our residents to enjoy  and most certainly  impress their friends and neighbors with the stories of the size of the fish that got away!!.

Scenic Walking Trails and Sidewalks will provide residents an easier means of experiencing  natural wildlife, strolling throughout the community and visiting their neighbors.

Trees and more Trees ….  will be planted over time to provide shade on Pad-sites and other areas throughout the community …  We love Trees!  Onsite Tree Farm  and Orchard will begin next Spring.

Barbeque Pits, Picnic Tables and Benches will be placed in areas throughout the park for our residents to use and enjoy.